Four Brains

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    Map of 4 Brains

  • There is four types of brain and you have all four.

    One of your brain is 'bigger' than the other. Your 'bigger' brain is the one you are most identified with, the one you use the most in your interactions with the world.


    From experience, it is possible to balance more equally the 'size' of all your four brains through initiatory and evolutionary processes.


    You don't interact with the world as it is, you interact with the world through the maps of the world. One of those map is which brain you use to interact with the world.


    Each brain has a specific perspective, a specific way of interacting, a specific way of questioning, a specific learning process, etc...

    Each brain has immense intelligence.


    A team need all four brains in somewhat balanced amount.

    A village functions properly when the four brains are balanced in the community.

    Green Brain

    The green brain is the reptilian brain. 'Our' first brain. The first brain that was developed in animals that became your ancestors. The green brain is about the past, about connection, about inclusion, and family. The green brain is slower. A 'green brain' person (someone which a predominant green brain) would need you to know where you come from, who are you parents, how many brother and sisters you have and how you arrived where you are to feel connected to you. They would need to know all of this before they could do business with you, or start a project, or decide about where to have lunch.

    Green brains are wonderful connectors.

    Red Brain

    The red brain is the mammalian brain. 'Our' second brain. The brain that developed on top of the reptilian brain. The red brain is about action, about 'me, me, me', about the present, and what's next. A 'red brain' person cannot sit for long time, they are not interested in discussion, they want action. Their now is small, they don't think about the past, nor about the long term future. They will ask 'ask next?' or simply move.

    In a team, red brains bring dynamism, and movement.

    Blue Brain

    The blue brain is the cortex. 'Our' third brain. The brain that developed after the red brain. The blue brain is about planning, about the future, about concepts and purposes, about making decisions and strategies. A 'blue brain' person needs to know about what, when, and how. A blue brain will discuss strategy and plan before they can take action. Blue brains need to understand, and to share similar concepts to communicate.

    Blue brains are great planner and guardians.

    Yellow Brain

    The Yellow Brain is in the center of our brain. It's the latest brain to develop. The yellow brain is timeless, and has no time, no past and no future. The yellow brain has vision, and is holistic. It is about the big picture. The yellow brain is also slower than the red and blue brain. The yellow brain is not in a hurry because it doesn't relate to time in a linear way, but in a circular way. 'Yellow brain' people have meta-conversations. Yellow brains ask about purpose and the vision of the project or the proposal.

    In a team, yellow brains bring perspective and slowness.

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